Most commonly used (that too in large quantity) stuff required for interior designing and decoration is the tiles. Whether you think of floor or ceiling or wall, rooms, bathrooms or kitchen, tiles fit everywhere. It’s just that it’s application vary and that depends on you how innovatively you use it. Our wide range of tiles caters to every single need of yours.

If you want something ravishing for your bathrooms, then we have the most advanced and lustrous surfaced porcelain tiles (both glazed and unglazed) (I recommend you to use roughly surfaced tiles for bathrooms so that water can be wiped out easily). Another good option for shower, bathroom, kitchen and swimming pool is mosaic tile. Fascinating and easy to clean tiles reach to your home at pretty convenient prices. If you have to apply tiles outdoors, then our range of travertine stone tiles will be pertinent for the same, since such tiles are resistant to temperature changes but demand a bit more care. Our wide array of glad tiles are best for your hall but not for the shower. These are super lustrous, eco-friendly and recyclable as well. The one big demerit of this type of tile if that it requires a high level of maintenance. If you want to go for some sober and evergreen stuff, then our collection of marble and ceramic tiles will definitely blow your mind.

So whichever tile you choose for your place on whatever ground you can think of, just call us. We will be pleased to cater our services to you.