Bid goodbye to those wallpapers you used to stick on the walls of your sweet home for the interior décor and welcome those majestic and beautiful tiles for your living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Shop our extensive range of high quality and affordable tiles in enormous colors, materials and sizes. Add beauty and style to your home with decorative tiles and bring your rooms alive like a fine piece of art. The biggest advantage it gives is in the kitchen. It provides you a hassle-free cleaning of those splashes of gravies and oils. A simple wet wipe does the job.

Your bedroom requires some soothing shades that relax you after your fatigued day. Just go through our large scale collection of decorative tiles that gives you a charismatic appearance of peace and composure. Wall tiles will add enchantment to your walls and luxurious look to your home. Our range of mosaic tiles offers a stylish and contemporary approach to cover your walls and/or floor. Pretty easy to cut to desired sizes, mosaic tiles are highly versatile and are capable to create a captivating kitchen and alluring rooms. Such tiles are available in a variety of materials, from glass to resin, from metallic to natural stone.

Highly volatile yet splendid is this type of artistic tile- Glass Tile. Our glass tiles are sold by temporarily face-mounted on paper that can be removed by soaking it in water mixed with a little part of detergent. It definitely gives a classy look after being applied.